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About Me

Hi, my names Kate Pusey. I am a scientist who works in the food industry.

I'm not a psychic reader or practicing clairvoyant but I am interested in psychic phenomena. I've created this site, after much research, to be a source of information for anyone curious about the psychic world.

I don't believe that only a gifted few have psychic powers but that anyone can develop their own psychic ability with the right teaching, practice and patience.

I am continuing to research many different areas of psychic phenomena which I find very interesting and will regularly update my site with new information and practical hints and tips for all those with curious minds.

I wanted to create a useful resource for anyone to come to where you can learn about various aspects of the psychic and clairvoyant world.

I hope you enjoy my site, find it useful, and will visit again when you are likely to find new information.

Please feel free to contact me to let me know what you think of the site or to suggest new areas of interest for me to research.

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