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Press Releases

Clairvoyants Today Website Launches

West Yorkshire, 01/11/07

Clairvoyants Today is an informative website for anyone curious about the psychic world. It contains articles and advice covering a wide range of subjects from 'How to find a good clairvoyant' to 'Love Spells - Do they really work?'

In this uncertain world and fast paced life we live in we all have unanswered questions. What does the future hold for me? How is my career going to progress? Will I find true happiness? The services of clairvoyants and psychics are now widely available and can bring hope to us in helping gain perspective on our life.

Today, Kate Pusey launched a new website providing advice and factual articles on all aspects of clairvoyant phenomena. Discover how to find a good psychic or clairvoyant, learn the truth about love spells and read the top 10 tips for getting a great psychic reading.

Kate Pusey said 'This site is providing much needed advice and information to people seeking facts about the psychic world.'

To learn more visit the website at


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