How to Find a Good Clairvoyant / Psychic

Visiting a clairvoyant to investigate your future is something that appeals to many people. Unfortunately, like in any area of life, there are some people out there looking to pull a scam. There are also genuine, caring people who can help guide you with some insight into your future. There is a difficult choice to be made in finding a clairvoyant as there is a wide choice available.

So what we all need to know is:

"How can you tell the difference between a Good psychic and a Bad One?"

A Good Reader will

  1. Help you to explore your options. A good reading will help you decide what you can change, if you choose.

  2. Never tell you what to do. They will remind you that you are in control of your own life and your own decisions.

  3. Bring hope. A good psychic highlights the choices we all have.

  4. Help you gain perspective on your life.

  5. Never predict anyone's death.

A Bad Reader will

  1. Tell you that they can change your future - and try and charge your extra for it! These charlatans give you a reading full of doom and gloom then offer to cast a spell to change it. Don't fall for it; it's just a scam to make money.

  2. Make you believe your future is fixed. It's not true - you can always change your future.

  3. Tell you that you need to keep coming back for a reading every week to ensure you stay on track. This is also a scam and just a waste of your money.

  4. Read from a script. If they start talking in a clichéd fashion with stories of meeting a tall, dark handsome stranger then don't bother with this person anymore.

  5. Tell you that you have a negative block or curse which then needs hours of work through long meditations - at great cost to you!

How to Find a Good Psychic / Clairvoyant

  • Do your research - check out a number of different internet sites before making a decision.
  • Read the details of their readers who will have different specialties.
  • Check out the training and experience of the readers.
  • Look at the testimonials from previous clients.
  • Check to see how long they have been in business offering their services.

It's important to get to Know Your Psychic

A Good Reading

Remember a good reading should be fun, enlightening, and enjoyable.

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