How To Do A Full Moon Ritual In Wicca

Author: Rose Ariadne

In Wicca, the Goddess is considered as the Universal Mother. She is the source of fertility, endless wisdom and loving care. The three aspects of the Goddess, as the Maiden, Mother and Crone are symbolized by the three phases of the Moon.

We celebrate the Full Moon as well as the changing of the seasons. The Wiccan religious calendar contains 13 Full Moon celebrations and eight Sabbats of power. The monthly cycles of the Moon have a great impact on religious ceremonies as they are usually conducted in the light of the Moon.

Many practitioners prepare a ritual bath before the ceremony. Jasmine, mint, chamomile, lily, rose or vanilla oils are used.

The Full Moon Rite is performed at night, with an altar created in full view of the moon. In accordance with the color and shine of the moon, crescents, silver items, white flowers and other symbols of the moon may be added to the altar for this occasion. Sometimes a quartz crystal sphere is also included. This may be replaced by a cauldron full of water with a piece of silver coin dropped into it. Also verify that the reflection of the moon can be seen in the water.

Light the candles and incense. Cast the sacred circle. Invoke the Goddess and
God and gaze at the Moon. Allow your body to absorb the energy from the loving and powerful cosmic entity. Say these words aloud:

Wondrous Lady of the Moon
You who greets the dusk with silvered kisses;
Mistress of the night and of al magics,
Who rides the clouds in blackened skies?
And spills light upon the cold Earth;
O Lunar Goddess,
Shadow maker and shadow breaker;
Revealer of mysteries past and present;
Puller of seas and ruler of women;
All-wise Lunar Mother,
I greet Your celestial jewel
At the waxing of its powers
With a rite in Your honor.
I pray by the Moon,
I pray by the Moon,
I pray by the Moon.

Repeat the last line "I pray by the Moon" for as long as you will. Imagine the Moon Goddess in all her splendor, The full Moon is believed to be the time for magick of all types when the energy of the surroundings has the highest potential and all positive spells cast will be realized.

Full Moon days are also believed to enhance meditation, mirror magick and psychic rituals. Gazing at the water in the cauldron or using the quartz crystal for scrying can be very effective under the full Moon ambience. Say:

Tides that sway and tides that flow;
As above, so below
The moon once small, now fully seen
In this bowl, my future bring.
See what movement, shapes, or images appear in the light that dances on the water. Clockwise movement predicts blessings to come in the next month.
Counterclockwise swirling signifies the need for care.

Food that is used in these celebrations includes Lemonade, milk or white wine.
Crescent cakes are also passed among the people gathering to attend this celebration.

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