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The Astral Body

Astral Projection is where the Consciousness and the Astral body separate together from the physical body to travel in the spirit world or astral plane. It is an out of body experience achieved via deep meditation or lucid dreaming. In this state of consciousness, you can travel and see things without your physical body.

Out of Body Exploration

The benefits of out-of-body exploration extend far beyond the limits of our physical senses and our intellect. After an out-of-body experience, many people report an inner awakening of their spiritual identity, a transformation of their self-concept. They see themselves as more than matter - more aware and alive.

Reaching mind altered states will enhance your ability to achieve goals and learning to Astral project can be done naturally by anyone. You don't need a special teacher or any inherent skills or psychic powers.

The Traditional Art of Astral Projection

Traditionally, it has taken years to master the art of Astral Projection and even then many people have failed in their quest as the journey becomes too long or difficult. Astral Projection is dependant on tuning the brain to the right frequency. It can take years of dedicated practice to reach the level of meditation to allow our inner body to separate from our physical body.

Binaural Beats

Imagine my amazement then when I discovered Binaural Beats. This is something that has been researched for nearly 170 years and works by directly stimulating the brain by altering the operating frequency. Binaural Beats work by broadcasting two separate frequencies in each ear. Different frequencies produce different effects to the human consciousness. Studies have produced incredible results that link metaphysical abilities to exact brain frequencies.

The route to Astral Projection through Binaural Beats takes just minutes rather than years - how incredible is that! The system is proven to work and is 100% guaranteed.

Learn Astral Projection Now!

What are the Benefits of Astral Projection?

These are just a few of the many reported benefits of Astral Projection - let me know what yours are when you've tried it!

  1. Personal verification of our immortality
  2. More restorative sleep
  3. Increase in psychic abilities
  4. Accelerated personal development
  5. Increased spirituality
  6. An increased respect for life
  7. Increased intelligence, memory recall and enhanced imagination
  8. Obtaining personal answers
  9. Elimination of the fear of death
  10. Recognizing and experiencing past-life influences

How to discover Binaural beats

I have found a somewhere reliable that produces Binaural Beats to download to your mp3 player for one of the best prices on the web. They have excellent customer service, an 8 week money back guarantee, and vastly superior recordings to some other sites.

The Unexplainable Store is your first choice for Binaural Beats. They are instantly downloadable from the site so why not try it today.

Why Astral Projection?

Perhaps the most important benefit received from out-of-body experiences is the recognition of our personal ability to discover the answers for ourselves. When I am asked, "Why out-of-body exploration?" my response is simple. I need to know the answers for myself. We must experience and explore for ourselves. We must discover and know, or be a slave to other people's opinions. We have this opportunity today. Controlled out-of-body experiences open the door to an incredible new frontier of human potential and discovery. It allows us to explore beyond the narrow limits of our physical senses and discover the answers to the oldest mysteries of our existence. Take the step from being a curious observer to being an active explorer. This journey of consciousness from the physical to the spiritual is a reality we cannot escape - our only real decision is when we are going to begin.



- I have meditated on and off for most of my life and have had some interesting experiences. I down loaded your astral projection package last evening and found it amazing! In just one session I was able to confirm that what I experienced years ago and which took much practice was astral projection. What a great product! It took me to a level of meditation that I was only able to achieve with years of practice in just one session. Not to mention that when researching binaural beat recordings your was by far the most affordable and convenient. I look forward to using more of your products. - Wes W

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